Elacin BoomMic


hearing protection for with push to talk functions

The Elacin SoloCom BoomMic is equipped with a simple adjustable microphone located beside the user’s mouth. Thanks to its ‘noise cancelling’ properties, speech is effectively filtered out of the background noise and is thereby more easily understood in very noisy environments.The SoloCom BoomMic is also equipped with an easy to use push button, with embedded electronic circuitry. This circuitry takes care of impedance adaption and suppressed radio screening. The built-in limiter also protects against extreme sound levels, which could be produced by the connected communication device.The ELACIN SoloCom BoomMic is available in two versions:

  • SoloCom BoomMic Telephone
  • SoloCom BoomMic Radiophone

The Elacin SoloCom BoomMic Telephone connects to either a GSM or a DECT phone, connecting directly to the apparatus. Accepting and interrupting a conversation is controlled via the pushbutton. The?Elacin BoomMic Radiophone version connects to a two-way radio. In this case the pushbutton functions as a Push-To-Talk button.


  • Using some means of communication in environments where hearing protection is essential.
  • In situations where mobility is required.
  • In combination with a telephone (GSM, DECT) or two-way radio.
  • In environments with high noise levels.
  • In industrial environments, e.g. building, assembly and carpentry operations, shipyards and emergency services.