Elacin SafeSound SoloCom

The ELACIN SafeSound o SoloCom feature ensures a user will not miss an incoming call and he/she will be able to have a conversation without removing the hearing protector. This provides uninterrupted hearing protection.

Modular design makes the SafeSound o SoloCom unique: a complete set consists of a pair of SafeSound hearing protectors with the option to replace the sound filter with a communication system.

In addition the SoloCom comes equipped with an integrated sound filter by which the degree of attenuation can be tuned to the ambient noise level. These features prevent over attenuation while optimizing perceived sounds from the surrounding environment.
The SafeSound and SoloCom combination facilitates clear communication with others in the surrounding environment as well as via the telephone/two-way radio, in the course of which optimal hearing protection against background noise is maintained.