I visited the Intersafe stand at the NEC in Birmingham (H&S EXPO) in May 2006 and was immediately impressed by with the potential of their Custom Fit Hearing Protection. I believed the thought of owning bespoke hearing protection would be of great benefit to our company and its employees. With a 4 year life span and guarantee we established that we could make financial savings by using the Elacins. Another benefit we felt that would be borne as a consequence would be the reduction in the number of disposable ear plugs discarded across the site, requiring collection and removal. Following a successful 9 month trial involving 15 operatives working within the nosiest areas on-site, permission was given to extend this option of hearing protection to everyone in the manufacturing area. To date we now have 150+ users regularly wearing the Elacins on-site, which is more than 70% of the overall number of employees on-site.

In terms of the technical benefits of the plugs we have found the attenuation is excellent and more importantly proportional to the risks people are exposed to. There are the additional improved hygiene, better communication even in the noisiest areas, as well as far greater acceptance of wearing hearing protection thus reducing the risk of noise induced hearing loss. We have found it much easier to police the wearing of hearing protection.

A general point about Intersafe and their Sales Engineers; I have found them to have a very professional manner, experts at taking ear impressions, accommodating and always accessible as queries arise.

In my opinion I am very happy to endorse the Elacin Range of Hearing Protection.

By: Reg Vaughan – Senior Manufacturing Engineer