Initially a couple of operators ran a trial with the Elacin Hearing Protectors in 2006. They were using jack hammers, manual digging equipment as well as machine excavators. The trial was successful and this resulted in all the operatives being issued with these in March/April 2007 (around 80 men). Overall we have found that the plugs are easier to police in terms of users wearing their hearing protection, due to their comfort they are much more widely accepted/used on site and one of the major benefits is the ability to communicate whilst wearing the Elacins. The enhanced communication meant that there were fewer opportunities for near misses or fatal accidents to occur. The majority of the guys on site have taken to using the Elacins and the feedback we get is that the plugs are comfortable, allow conversations to occur even while machinery is being used and that they prefer them to all other forms of hearing protection previously offered. In general we have found Intersafe to be professional, reliable and an excellent choice of partner to work in providing the best solution for a noisy and dangerous environment.

By: Peter Berrill – SHE Coordinator