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New Contact Details & Website Launched

March 2011 – New Contact Details & Website Launched.

Hearing loss significantly affecting work and home life

15-12-08 – Many do well in the workplace in spite of hearing impairment, but others find that their hearing problems affect their career and earning potential. Still, there seems to be a common Difficulties functioning in the workplace and at home do not only result from severe hearing loss. People with mild or moderate hearing loss also experience problems. read more

Hearing loss ‘epidemic’ in Canada

15-12-08 – Reduced hearing is reaching epidemic proportions. Hearing loss diagnosed at younger ages than ever before. read more

Hearing loss ranks among top-five non-fatal health burdens

15-12-08 – A report on the total burden to the Australian society of different diseases, adult-onset hearing loss came in fourth in the overall category of non-fatal conditions accounting for 5 percent, just in front of asthma with 4 percent. read more

Law mandating noise limits meeting resistance

15-12-08 – Music venues must turn down the noise starting in February 2008, when the new European Union noise regulations take effect. Music venues in Denmark, however, indicate that they will refuse to lower the volume. read more